Advocacy workshop holds


with financial support of Youth Network for Sustainable Development/Packard Foundation on August 25-26/2020 at Debre Berhan  Health Centre Hall.

Opening the workshop, Setew Demissie ,Fana Addis Tiwuld Ethiopia Executive Director /FATE/,said that the workshop contribute to improve Adolescent and youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes of young people in Debre Berhan,Woldia and Wollo Universities. He added that the project was launched before covid 19 pandemic announced in Ethiopia. The project introduces MelaNet online platform for University students and it helps them to talk freely about reproductive health matters.

Mekasha Getinet ,DebreBerhan University Nursing Department Head, presented paper on “Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic on Adolescent and young Sexual and Reproductive Health.”On his presentation he disclosed that the educational impacts, Economic Impacts and Health impacts are the critical ones. In all aspects the youths are highly vulnerable and are at risks. He recommended that to ensure covid 19 pandemic guidance should be informed by research based evidence about adolescent health development and AYSRH and facilitate engagement of young people in design, development and implementation of projects at large. The suggested strategies to Covid 19 pandemic are support young people, strengthen the capacity of the youth organization and ensure the measures are in place to prevent, protect and mitigate the consequences.

The participants from different community members said that there is negligence on covid 19 about the protective measures and some law enforcement organizations are not strictly following up the implementation of the state of emergency and Ministry of Health recommendations.

Dr.Awraris Hailu, DBU College of Health Dean, summing up the discussion said that people shouldn’t be negligence on covid because the virus can infect all people. He added that regarding AYSRH problems, Debre Berhan University,the North Shoa Zone Administration and Debre Berhan Town Administration should work jointly in creating job opportunity for those individuals who earn meager income selling ‘chat’, coffee and ‘shisha’ around the University campus.

Finally, Abinet Dagnaw, from Debre Berhan University Health Science College, on the second day presented paper entitled “The Impact of Covid 19 on teen age pregnancy and Gender Based Violence”. In his presentation he revealed that during the lockdown the teen ages have been highly vulnerable and got risks. The key considerations to alleviate such problems are creating women and girls safe space, facilitating access to information, media and message, and providing dignity/hygiene kits.

The participants showed their concern regarding GBV and teen age pregnancy.