DBU Education and Training Advisory council holds Consultative meeting


Opening the meeting, Ato Tadesse G/Tsadik, Amhara National Regional State of North Shoa Zone Administrator, said that Universities are going to be opened in post covid-19 since November 3 and all the university along with the community’s collaboration has to work to secure their peace and stability. In addition the advisory council play invaluable role in securing peaceful teaching learning process.

Ato Bayou Getahun,Debre Berhan University Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate Director, presented the council’s plan and working package. In the presentation, he disclosed that the objective of the advisory council is to create stable and peaceful environment in participating the community actively and enhance peaceful teaching learning process. When the institutions face problems, the advisory council seeks solution in collaboration with community leaders, religious leaders, elders, renowned fathers and security agents.

The participants on their part asked questions and raise their concerns regarding the peace and stability. They confirmed that Debre Berhan University and the community can work to secure the peace in the zone in general and in particular in the university and the participants said that certain institutions like trade and industry, microenterprises and others which directly contribute for the university should be included in the advisory council as a member. In addition the advisory council members disclosed that they plan the action are ready to enhance the peaceful teaching learning process.

Dr.Nigus Tadesse,Debre Brehan University President, told that the coming academic calendar is stiff and hard due to Covid-19 pandemic, country wide political crisis and other unrest activities. Therefore, the community and the university have to work hand in hand in researching the cause of conflicts before they arises and plan to solve them together. The advisory council has either to forecast the consequence and control it or smashed by the conflict. He added that the University should work to alleviate the maladministration which creates conflicts in all circumstances. The advisory council in collaboration with the community and the security offices should work out of the compass. The members of the council will be added as they help us.

Ato Tadesse G/Tsadik summing up the discussion said that informal organizations whether cultural, political or religious which results in conflict are prohibited from exercising and practicing in the university. The students and teachers should only focus to meet the university’s mission in teaching learning, research and community services. The Medias are also responsible in communicating truths and facts about the peaceful teaching learning process and creating national consensus. Therefore, based on concrete facts they should fight ethnic discrimination and wide spreading fake news.