DBU Holds 12th Round Students’ Graduation


According to the information from the Registrar, 3028 students in undergraduate regular, extension and distance programs,313 second degree /Master graduates/ and 3 PhD candidates in Mathematical Modeling today, of which (39.7%) are females.

It is reported that the University graduated 261 students with virtually held commencement on 21st July 2020. Based on this, the DBU 2019/20 graduates’ number totals more than 3,300 students.

H.E. Ato Agegnehu Teshager, President of the Amhara National Regional State, forwarded his congratulatory remarks as: our country is facing many challenges internally for instance to enforce laws against Juntas and the ethnic based displacement from different corners of the country. We need to work together to solve these problems because they are focused on our unity, sovereignty, coexistence and existence as a nation. There is no greater privilege than living in life, and we must pay attention to it. There is nothing that allows people to lose their lives in a horrible way because of their identity, race, and religion. He added that graduates are expected to escalate their country from poverty and backwardness to prosperity serving the community impartial.

Dr. Nigus Tadesse, President of DBU, reportedly said this year’s graduation accomplishment is unique as it is achieved alongside of protecting COVID-19 and fighting national security risks which have imposed psychological insecurity on the graduates and the society at large.

Considering the national protection mechanism of Corona pandemic, DBU firstly readmitted graduating classes and non graduating classes of undergraduate students almost two months ahead of the rest so as to help them graduate completing their remained courses, conducting face to face and online classes, Dr.Nigus Tadesse stated.

Debere Berhan University conferred honorary doctoral degree for the first time since its establishment to megabe Tekletsadik Shewarega ,Miskabe Kidusan Yordanos Medehanealem Andinet Gedam founder and head of Mojana Wodera Woreda/Seladengay, for his contribution in architectural, natural resource conservation, green initiative, tourism and community service.

Finally, DBU awarded cups to two top scorers, namely Gebremariam Derbew from Agriculture and Natural Resources College and Tirsit Fenta from Business and Economics college of Management Department.