DBU Celebrates Science and Technology week


 On the opening ceremony the key note speaker, Dr.Dula Tolera, Ministry of Science and Higher Education Science Culture Building Directorate Director said that Ethiopia has a lot of wealth in science, technology and mathematics as it witness to our heritages, calendar, its own alphabets and environmental protection and etc. In addition the country has planned to inaugurate STEM centers and Programs to advance the science culture. This science week will pave a way for the University’s future in building science and technology cultures enrich graduates.   

On his welcoming speech Azmeraw Ayehu /PhD/, Debre Berhan University, Research and Community Service Vice President and the President’s Representative, said that in the 21st century science, technology and innovation are leading the world's economy, social and political changes. Debre Berhan University has worked in organizing innovation and Technology Directorate and different research centers to support STEM centers. The University also inaugurated STEM power centre and has been offering training to students from grade 7th to 12th who ranked higher in each grade level and who have more interests on STEM at the weekend. He added that the country’s low value, low productivity and low technological economic activities has to be transformed to higher value, higher productivity and high technological economic activities offering science and technology assisted training and producing skilled man power.    

On the occasion, participants presented different innovation on Pollution Control Device Technology and Water e-mailing by Dr.Fantahun Abebe, Used Tyre Processing Technology to Produce Factory Oil, Smokeless Charcoal and Treated Oil by Ato Haileyesus Girma,Covid-19 Alarm and Switches, by Ezidin Kedir, Alternative Energy Technology, by Elsabet Delelegn and etal., Electric Vehicles, by Thomas Gebremeskel. The competition was made on innovation and academic among primary and secondary students.

In addition to these activities science, innovation and technology exhibition held and the University’s different workshops and laboratories were visited by the participants in parallel. Finally, different rewards and certificates of appreciation were given to the participants.