DBU Ankober Herbal Medicine and Biodiversity Conservation Directorate hold Seminar


On the occasion, Gezahegn Degefe/PhD/, Representative of DBU Vice President for Research and Community Service and Research Directorate Director, made an opening speech. He said that DBU is working on adapting, multiplying, preserving and using a large number of indigenous medicinal plants at the Ankober Project Site. He added that there are about 600 to 1,000 species of medicinal plants in Ethiopia. Dr.Gezahegn, said that Researchers at Debre Berhan University have confirmed over 147 medicinal plants in North Shoa which are helpful for human treatment and 46 are also being used by the community for veterinary medicine.

On the seminar, four research papers were presented for discussion. These papers were; `Traditional Medicine In pervious and Today` by Abiyu Tilahun/PhD/,` Herbal Medicine Preparation and Indigenous Knowledge in North Shoa` by Mesfin Woldeargay /PhD/, `Fast Technique of Indigenous Knowledge Implementation for Improvement of the Health System of the society` by Amare Ayalew/PhD/ DBU Ankober Herbal Medicine and Biodiversity Conservation Directorate Director and `Traditional Medicine Knowledge Transfer Model Agreement` by Mr.Tadesse Worku Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office Intellectual Property Development Director.

In addition to traditional Healer Beshah Mersha shared his experience and he described the struggles they passed through many ups and down to gain the knowledge as it is secretly transferred from families.

Finally, discussion held and the participant raised different questions, gave suggestion and the way forward.  Debre Berhan University is ready to work with traditional healers; it was stated in the closing program. A signing ceremony was also held with traditional healers to work in collaboration.