Debre Berhan University Holds the 13th Graduation


On the ceremony, Dr.Nigus Tadesse, Debre Berhan University president, congratulated all the 2013 E.C graduates and  said that the university community withstanding the covid- 19 pandemic challenges and continued the 2012 E.C academic year calendar as well as the 2013 E.C academic calendar in full commitment and courage. He added that the University had undergone two very crucial events which focused on the fill of Ethiopian Great Renaissance Dam and external enforcement to discontinue its construction and on the 6th national election of Ethiopia on the role and responsibility of scholars and civic society.

Dr.Samuel Kifle, MoSHE, State Minister, also conveyed his warm congratulatory message to the graduates and said that Higher Education Institution play invaluable role to secure Ethiopia’s prosperity in innovating and adapting new technologies which could alleviate backwardness and ignorance of the people burden. In addition, MoSHE since its establishment worked to differentiate Universities in Ethiopia according to their specialization and excellences which they entirely experiencing and allocating resources. Taking this in to consideration, Debere Berhan University is marked as applied university. Furthermore, MoSHE, planed to work in collaboration with the community and to guide, monitor and supervise the universities in the country.     

Finally, DBU awarded cups to two top scorers, namely Getachew Alemayehu from Agriculture and Natural Resources College of Agro Economics College and Etalemahu Demisew from Business and Economics college of Economics Department. They said that they used their time effectively and manage all their activities so as to be effective in their future career.